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Attempt at winning Darwin award a near success.

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Boy Sets Self on Fire in Alleged Gas Theft

GILLETTE, Wyo. (AP) - A teenage boy accidentally set himself on fire early Wednesday morning after allegedly trying to siphon gas from a firefighter's car.

Police first learned of the injury after a 17-year-old boy and a 16-year-old boy claimed that someone had thrown gasoline on the 17-year-old at the Common Cents service station and lit him on fire, said Lt. Rod Hauge.

The boy was taken to the hospital with second- and third-degree burns on his legs. Police were called to the hospital to investigate the incident and later learned that the 17-year-old spilled gas on his pants while siphoning gas. He then used a lighter to try to determine how wet his pants wereand set himself of fire, Hague said.

Both boys have been ticketed with larceny, Hauge

Oh the irony.


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What a fucking idiot.

Are people seriously that stupid? Although, I suppose I do have a friend who said we should put matresses on our cars to keep them safe during a demolition derby type thing.

Of course, we all told him he was dumb as hell. But this is like a thousand times worse than that.

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