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Major League Gaming goes big league


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In a bid to bring professional video game playing to a broad audience, Major League Gaming has signed a deal to have its entire tournament season broadcast on national cable television, the league said Monday.

The pact, which will result in seven hour-long episodes on USA Network this holiday season, is only the latest that Major League Gaming has inked. It also announced Monday it has a new multi-year contract with Boost Mobile, under which that company's mobile phones will feature content.

For three years, Major League Gaming has been trying to build its credibility as a full-fledged league--one that it hopes will soon rival pro poker and auto racing circuits.

"We spent about three years building what is the only professional video gaming league in the country," said Matthew Bromberg, president and COO of Major League Gaming. "We beliee that pro-gaming-wise, this will be the next World Poker Tour, the next NASCAR and the next action-sports movements...For us, these deals really signify that pro gaming is emerging into the mass market."

Bromberg explained that the MLG is following a well-trod model for forming a new pro league: build a credible governing body, sign the best players and then strike deals with major sponsors.

"That's what helps the league grow and feeds the machine," Bromberg said. "If you have those pieces, then you can have a major sport."

MLG operates a seven-city pro circuit, which begins next week in New York and ends with a championship in Las Vegas in November, Bromberg explained said.

More than 1,500 players will compete for the championship in two games: "Halo 2" and "Super Smash Bros. Melee World."


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Halo 2? Super Smash Bros.? These are what pass for competitive gaming nowadays? Whatever happened to Quake? Counterstrike? STARCRAFT? Halo 2 and SSB combined don't have the competitive spirit of any one of those titles. Maybe I'm dating myself, but when did competitive gaming become so tame?

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I would have figured Halo 2 would be in there... *yawn* But I also hoped there would be something like Street Fighter III: Third Strike or (and this is wishful thinking) Guilty Gear XX #Reload.

At the very least they need some better FPS to watch like UT2k4 or CS: Source.

Of course none of it really matters to me because I literally never watch any TV.

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