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With the new expansion just being released today I was wondering if anyone here still plays it.

I'm a lvl 75 thf and 72 pld over on Ifrit, I've been playing off and on since the week before it was released on PS2, 3 characters and 2 severs later, I still am totally engrossed in this game. So yeah anyone else play?

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I would still be playing it, and I would be getting the expansion if not for some real life events that just happened which effected FFXI enough to where I can no longer play it.

I'll miss playing it, becuase I did love the game. But I can't ever enjoy it again because of what happened.

But I had a 75 Samurai on Leviathan.

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the new expansion is a lot of fun compared to the annoying ass missions in CoP, assault is fun and i cant wait for besieged. things look good for this expansion

Don't tell me that... I can't get back into the game. I really believe it would be mentally unhealthy if I tried to play again.

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Meh. WoW was great until I hit 60. Then it became awful. There suddenly were only 3 things to do. Raid, Grind rep / rare items, or PvP. And with none of those 3 did I feel rewarded for my time.

Grinding and Raiding are incredibly boring to me... So sadly I was really hoping PvP would keep me interested, but the battlegrounds are incredibly flawed... And to be honest MMO PvP just doesn't do it for me.

I have a feeling I won't play another MMO until Huxley.

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didn't take long for someone to mention WoW, but I never played it so I won't mention it

I enjoy FFxi immensely, I lead my Linkshells dyna, killed Dynamis Lord, really diggin the new zones, they've did a whole lot of good with assault now, plus the items you can get from that are really really nice. I've only barely stratched the surface on ToAU but its really really good.

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