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No Wild ARMs thread in MY club?

Shame shame shame!

anyways, as far as new era rpgs go, Wild ARMs has always found a soft spot in my heart.

The 1st game was the mind blowing game that was supposed to hold us rpg'ers off until big daddy FFVII came out, and in the end I enjoyed WA1 much more then the game with a psycho identity thief.

Plus, its intro is truly special, it is one of my favorites..if not my most favorite!

WA2 came out, rather under the radar, but it was a nice game. The story if not totally fucked by translation issues was decent from what I gathered. The characters were interesting and they kept the western feel the original game had. I enjoyed it.

WA3, the debut on the PS2, seemed to correct the story issues from the earlier games. However, it suffered from a maligned battle system where none of the characters were much different in battles, and generally weak. Battles were dull and boring and I had to force myself to fight to continue on with the great story the game gave you.

Alter Code F (which by the way I still don't understand the name.) was the remake of the first game with new graphics and a revamped battle engine. The game, for all intensive purposes had a nostalgic effect for me. The story was updated and even though they got rid of equipment, the fights weren't horribly dull like the third installment.

Now, came the newest game to the series, WA4. At first glance I saw nothing special about this game, admittingly the battle engine sounded kinda iffy to me. I, however, started hearing rather great things about the game. How the battle engine was fun and easily abusable, and how the characters and the story were both rewarding. So, after my Suiko craze...I picked the game up. It was rather cheap at that too.

Jude - The rather young main character, the one who the ARM reacted to. The all around Tank and Speedy character of the group.

Arnaud - The smart old person to the group, instilling knowledge at random events. The Black Mage of the group.

Yulie - The girl everyone is protecting. The supporting, healer of the group.

Raquel - The drifter who loves to find new beauty. The Warrior, and all around ass kicker of the group.

The cast is...generally younger then what I would expect. (though that is the trend in rpgs I guess...) The story itself focus' on how Aduts are evil and how Kids are so young and naive to understand the concept of the real world, how nothing is white and black and how both sides can have justification.

I can remember one other game being like this, but I can not remember at the moment which.....

Now, as far as fights go... as I mentioned Earlier, Raquel is a beast. Her Force ability allows her another action, plus she can move and attack (you need to be on a grid that is next to a mob in order to physically attack the mob), but she is horribly slow. Which helps her anyways, by the time she gets her turn, the party should have accumulated some FP enough for her to cast Interlude possibly four times in a row, so she can attack five times against one enemy. That is the limit I have seen her do, though no monster has lived past her initial 5 attacks, I have heard she can (with buffs and Rapid Fire) attack up to eight times in a row, for overkill ass rape'age.

The series hasn't had a bad game, the anime was pretty lame, but all in all I like this series.

Gidde up Cowboy!


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