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The Melancholy of Haruhi Suziyama


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So, am I the only one watching this? It's quite good.

The first episode is a student film, starring Mikuru, as a loveable Warrior Waitress. It's incredibly poorly edited and doesn't make any sense, but that's the charm of it.


The following episodes are about Suziyama's group and making the film. It's a wonderful comedy and has great animation.

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So who is subbing this? Care to give me a link?

a.f.k. was the only one i could find (search for em on baka-updates)

i DL'd the first ep a few days ago, haven't had ANY free time to watch it yet

but this morning i got up early enough to watch it. pretty DAMN entertaining. i was thinking throughout the whole ep that maybe the sub company just released a super low quality video :laugh:

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Wow, I have to hand it to AE. You guys let a thread dedicated to the most horribly overrated show in a LOOOOOONG time die quickly and get buried.

Yes, I know I just revived it, but I just wanted to congradulate you guys. You seem to have more refined taste than most other places and AE is pretty much free of Haru-tards (even more annoying than Naru-tards).

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