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Castle North Wind


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I found this site yesterday, and I thought.. I haven't ben involved in a RP for quite some time, plus it is a Suikoden RP and has been going on for a year.


among all the crap I put into my body, this will at least keep my mind functioning.

So I have joined this site, I will probably begin writing heavily again.

I am Kyril in this RP as Nash was already taken.... (sumbitch)

If you love Suikoden and like to write, I suggest joining this alongside me!

Link: Castle North Wind

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Due to many request, the main RP is going to have a huge overhaul done and they are going to start anew.

this means, a fresh slate for anyone interested in joining, now you can RP right from the get go of the story.

I of course will take up Nash to write as.

It should prove for a better environment to those people who were hesitant about joining so late in the RPs story arcs.

Now, join up!

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