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Accelerated Evolution

This picture turns me on...


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this is most of my kit in grind setup. I have an Iron cobra double pedal behind the bass drum, ive been way too broke to by new cymbals so im rocking the used b8 crash and the Planet Z ride. Im actually purchasing a Paiste 2002 ride in about 2 days...

Gee's Kit looks like a timeless masterpice cmopared to mine. I hate you gee and your 'Cream-my-pants-beautiful' kit.

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I thought his brother does drums?

Yeah. He's the main one, but I get on them as well. Hence the "Green Day" sticker on them. ( 'x')

I try to do Art Blakey, Buddy Rich, & Gene Krupa type stuff. My brother tries to do the typical rock drum beats. Too much Green Day!! Bleh.

Hahaha! ( ^o^)

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