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The Odyssey: A Modern Sequel

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My copy of "The Odyssey: A Modern Sequel" by Nikos Kazantazkis arrived in the mail today.

I opened it up and just sat there reading it for like two hours. It's amazing. I've only read the first 40 pages (plus the rather lengthy introduction) or so, but, by the looks of it, this is one of the best books I've ever read. I mean for starters it's a modern epic poem that manages to be both epic and modern (in the same way that Hamlet is modern). More than that, it belongs to the realm of mythology.

The book begins right after Odysseus kills his wife's suitors... and it contains some of the most powerful imagery I've ever been exposed to.

I mean... I'm basically in shock from the brilliance.

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I think you have a chance if you convey your personality in your essays because it just fits so well with your personality & spirit inquiry etc. Also you have an upward grade trend and I have a downward one so it might not matter so much. They know all the stuff about smart people who failed school so just don't seem like you are currently lazy. (Then again I think I deserve to get into Brandeis and I won't so XD)

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