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I heard about this funny meme where you just type your name into Google and see the results, it tells you what you "need."

But when I tried it for "Amy needs", I just got 5 or 6 people named Amy with blogs that did the meme first. XD

Anyway, here's what they got:

# Amy needs to either wake up or start getting some extra will-power.

# I don't believe that Amy needs sex.

# Amy is a vibrant women with emotional and physical needs.

# Amy is a sweet 8-year-old flat-coated retriever and German shepherd mix.

# We see how Amy needs and helps the horse and how he needs and helps her.

# We really need to shed the dead weight of pathetic appeasers like Amy.

# Amy needs to mend her ways and be more of a team player.

# Pivotel Skin in Shade D is perfect for Amy, whose olive skin takes a beating.

# Amy needs to decide if the boys ought to be transferred to "adult court."

# I can even send free voicemails with Amy.

# Amy's UI needs quite a bit more work though.

# What if Amy needs an emergent Caesarean?

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