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Flash Art Thingy

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I'm applying for a scholarship from Apple, and part of the application is this:

Optional. Please provide a URL to a digital media project here (photo, movie, song) that shows you at your most innovative.

I've decided to create a flash application to showcase the work I've done with photoshop.

I've got the bare bones here. I think it's fine, but I ask for two things:

1. I'd like to give titles to the works inside the "modifications" and "compositions" sections. any ideas would be helpful.

2. I think there's a few things I can do to make the gallery itself a bit better. any suggestions will be considered.

tell me what you think!

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I'm using firefox and if you press the back button that you put on your page it causes a weird loop in the music. I guess it sends you back to the previous page and starts the music track over again, but the music track from the page you were on continues to play causing weird/annoying overlap issues.

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it does that in any browser. It's the only problem with the flash I can't figure out.

Here's the latest( and probably final) edition of the flash. I've changed the html page's background, spell-checked the descriptions, re-done the preloader, added links to the full-size images (most of them, anyways), and attempted to fix the music by having two buttons instead of one (this failed).



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