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Strawberry Panic!


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So, Strawberry Panic is finally upon us. This series is well and truly pitched at the Marimite crew, though at the same time it's a little different, especially in its tone. Where Marimite is subtle, Strawberry Panic is not. This is largely due to the audience of the original material - Marimite started as shoujo novels where Strawberry Panic is well and truly pitched at a male audience.

Rather than there just being one Girl's School involved here, there are three. On Astraea Hill, there are three schools, each with their own uniforms: St. Miatre Academy, St. Spica Academy, and St. Le Rim Academy:


St. Spica


St. Miatre


St. Le Rim

The girls of all three schools board at a small boarding house, Ichigo-sha. Nagisa Aoi has just transferred into the 4th Grade at St. Miatre Academy, and the first episode predictibly begins with her first day at the school.


While wandering, Nagisa ends up getting a tad lost, and runs into a girl from her school. She ends up transfixed by the older girl. Naturally we'd be expecting a Sachiko meets Yumi style moment here, but it plays out rather differently, and Nagisa ends up passing out.


She wakes up in the nurse's office along with another girl, Tamao, who will later be revealed to be Nagisa's roommate. If you've noticed the similarity between her name and 'Tomoyo', it's not coincidental. She repeatedly calls Nagisa 'cute' and ends up taking her measurements, not for uniform-fitting as she passes it off as, but so she has them written down in her little book. I think it's safe to assume that everyone in this school is a lesbian.


Tamao takes Nagisa around the school, introducing her to a few places and showing her the Mary statue that a bunch of them broke into Lillian Academy and stole.


Nagisa is then left to her own devices for a little bit, told to go straight back to Ichigo-sha and be there before 6pm, because the gates automatically close. Of course, Nagisa gets locked out and ends up encountering the sour old prune that runs the boarding house, who gives her quite a scolding.


After being bailed out, Nagisa is introduced to 'Etoile', the girl who is in charge of the entire student body at Ichigo-sha, Shizuma Hanazono. Of course if you're paying attention you've guessed who this is already. She seems to have more in common, personality-wise, with Mai-Otome/Mai-Hime's Shizuru than she does with any of the Marimite cast. I won't reveal what happens, but instead here's an image:


On a less plot-related note, the ED for this series is quite surprising. Ai Shimizu (Tamao) and Mai Nakahara (Nagisa) perform a live-action ED video which is full of innuendo and involves goth-loli dresses.


The original manga is being translated VERY slowly by Dynasty (they've only done the first chapter). I've avoided mentioning that the original creator is a wonderful person who brought us Sister Princess previously, but I suppose it's worth noting. The series is scheduled for 26 episodes, however they have a gigantic amount of characters to draw on since they've got three schools to work with so I don't forsee any problems with it dragging too much. Aside from the two mentioned, the cast listing also includes Chiwa Saito and Hitomi Nabatame.

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