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Accelerated Evolution

Anime article in Fortune Magazine


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My favorite part:

The specimen at Ledford's door was going on about an anime TV show called Neon Genesis Evangelion, a series about humans fighting an alien invasion. He had a problem with the ending. "I don't like the direction you went in and I want you to go back and fix it," he demanded. Ledford explained that he didn't make the show and closed the door. He was rattled by the nocturnal visit—later that morning, leaving for Japan, he called his assistant and told her to find him a new place to live. But he should have known: That's what happens when your customers are wild with desire.

waffle. owned~

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People need to take the series ending and 25', and 26' (EoE) together. There isn;t a true ending without both of them. Different sides of the same coin.

I have argued on both counts (as seperate and as the same) and even I sometimes still am not sure. I can, in theroy, track the progress of 25 and 26 with 25' and 26', and at times I find myself lost on where and when something would take place.

I do agree, mind you, I have learned to always question Annos intentions.

^ likes to over complicate things.

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