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Help Haya choose a class for the fall semester

Help Haya choose a class for the fall semester  

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  1. 1. which course should I take

    • Intro to News Journalism
    • Intro to Japanese culture

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So I was thinking whether I should stick with my original choice to take an intro to journalism class or a Japanese culture class for the fall semester. I'm a Communications studies major and I will most likely enter into a career in either journalism or public relations when I graduate, but I already took journalism class a few semesters ago (writing for entertainment journalism) and am already taking 4 other classes that are directly related to my major. I was thinking of taking the Jap Culture class since I'm going to be taking an advance japanese language class this coming fall anyway so it might act as a nice supplement to it. Plus, need to fill the electives requirements somehow...

So yeah, pick and choose~

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1- Media is biased, just it's all biased in different directions.

Pretty much. Plus, you can use historical evidence (Pulitzer) to illustrate that the media is the least biased it has ever been!

But, I do agree that a Japanese Culture would be interesting. Perhaps he can take it in the future, I'd recommend getting the more "boring" classes for one's major out of the way early.

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Thanks guys, but I think I'm gonna take the japanese class instead. After all, I have to take a class called "intro to feature writing" to fullfill the requirment for my major, so I can just take the intro to news journalism class the same semester that I take the Feature writing class. Besides, I doubte I would be writing news pieces if I actually do decid to become a journalist~

edit: damn, the class meets at 9 in the morning. Suddenly, this ain't lookin' so hot...

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