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:O As a point, Japanese rock groups sometimes like to include other people's songs in their songs. Which mainly includes classical. Classical, you ask? Well....I don't know. You have to ask what's whirling around in those crazy Japanese heads if you wanna know the reason.

But I digress....this is not the point of this thread. :O The point of this thread is to upload songs that have bits and pieces of other songs in them. :D

.....And if you wanna be really brave, you can even say where the song came from. XD

<3 Have fun, everybody. I'll post mine as soon as I rifle through my collection. XD;;

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It's the only one that really comes to mind right away xD

I'm thinking Tomoyasu Hotei's Nocturne No.9 borrows sheet music from one of Chopin's Nocturnes, but I can't find recordings of all of them :(

Hideyuki Ono ganks classical music from all over the place, but he is a keyboard player and not a rockstar so no xD

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Oh~~ xD

I know there's a song by Malice Mizer that took the premises for a French song. :O

And I have a song somewhere by Madeth Gray'll that is a twisted version of These Are a Few of My Favorite Things from the "Sound of Music." XD Of course it's only an instrumental~~ :O

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