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Capcom vs. SNK cards


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Is this the original CFS, or is it the lame one that adds Reaction cards and pimpsmacks the shit out of the Geese/Zero-Akuma cards?

edit: what the hell, the screenshots don't look anything at all like original CFS

In fact the field almost bears a resemblance to MtG.

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I was really worried about the screenshots due to the card field as I can;t see how the fuck it works or if it will work ANYTHING like the original.

Okay I now have the urge to go start over CvS and SvC card games right now.


I am and its a newer version of the game for DS..which I will purchase when it comes out you shoulda saw what the Ukyo card does..I mean come on if he attacks or counters another card he dies in one turn,and only if hes paired with Anakaris will he life out his full turn.

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