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Wii is getting Metal Slug


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All the arcade Metal Slug games are being released in Metal Slug Anthology for Wii (though it is unknown whether or not that includes Metal Slug 6). So if you're planning on getting a Wii, and you bought the Metal Slug 4 & 5 collection for PS2 (like I did), then you wasted your money. Congradulations.


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Collections are nice, but they have to have some redeeming value to make them worth buying for those of us who already have access to all the games or have already played them to the point where we can beat half the game on a single credit.

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Well, they said it'll include many additional surprises. Hopefully it'll include some cool stuff.

It better be an epic suprise, like the ability to play as Omega Rugal.

Omega Rugal shooting lightning balls and plowing down enemies in MS would be hilarious.

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