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Hey, so I'm trying to make a new sig, got renders and stuff. It looks alright, very noobish, but I want to add some text. Can someone specifically name me some cool fonts so I can download them?

EDIT: And while your at it, could someone please give me a little tutorial on how to make text look the best? Maybe even with screenshots?

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Bitfonts are good for small size fonts. Just remember they're made to look best at whatever size they're labeled at or a multiple thereof (like use a 7pt font at 7pt, 14pt, 21pt, ect.)

You can use fancy fonts for specific purposes, I use them a lot actually, but they don't look good if you get them too small, and remember, don't use something too fancy unless it's somehow appropriate. Also, it's best to use them for like one or two word captions - don't use them for a whole bunch of text.

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