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A shoot-out took place really close to my house earlier today, though I was in the middle fo an AP test when it started. They announced there was an "incident" in the area durring the final period of the day and asked everyone to avoid it. There's a school near the area, so everyone automaticly feared a Columbine-esque shooting, which, thankfully, was not the case.


LAKEWOOD -- A man who shot several times at police was shot and killed on the west side of Lakewood Wednesday afternoon.

After a standoff that lasted several hours, Lakewood Police stormed the house after the 18-year-old man inside began shooting at them.

Police identified the man as 18-year-old Brad Babbitt of 1233 Granger.

After finding the man's body inside the house, police detected a natural gas odor but after a few minutes, fear of a leak was unfounded.

This happened on Granger Avenue near Clifton, on the west side of Lakewood.

Police closed Granger and parts of Clifton Avenue Wednesday afternoon. Lakewood Schools locked down three schools during the standoff, allowing parents to pick up children but keeping students from walking home.

Neighbors say that around Noon, the man began hanging out of an upstairs window of the home he is living in and firing a gun.

Channel 3 crews witnessed the man fire four shots at police and SWAT team members who had surrounded the house.

There's no word if there are any injuries.

Also, check out how close it was to my house: Map!

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Here, near by.....

Two months ago a man was shot in the head by police 10 feet away from me as I walked outside to take a break from work. The whole section of the street was closed and I was pretty much screwed since I was planning on going to the pizza shop across the street, but everyone was outside screaming about the victims head being splattered on the sidewalk.

A few years ago, I would never talk so freely about a subject like this, mainly because I refused to believe that I was that close to something that dangerous, but when a 18 year old kid was shot to death by 4 men 20 feet away from my house, and the woman that lived behind me was beaten to death with a metal pipe and robbed, I believed.

When I walk to the pizza shop mentioned above, I only go with my manager/friend Jarett, reason being that the people that hang outside or next to the shop are all Bloods, and you can see the outline of the .45's shoved into the back of their jeans when the walk around. I generally just drive to Wendy's or somewhere similar nowadays, but with gas prices so high, the block walk is almost worth the risk.

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Wow. I don't have it nearly as bad as any of you, but occasionally the gas station a few blocks from my school will get closed down due to too many crackheads waving guns about.

My school is within walking distance of the two most crime-ridden blocks in the city -- not that that means much, because it's Seattle, but still.

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