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OutRun 2006 Coast2Coast

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I bought this game Wednesday, and I have to say, I love it. I finally got rid of Burnout Revenge in all of its glitchiness in order to pick up this game.

The Pros: It's Outrun 2 on the PS2. It has a few more modes and unlockables than Outrun 2 (i.e. the option to play Outrun 2 SP), but overall, it's OutRun 2. What makes it so great, you ask? The fact that this is the first PS2 launch of Outrun. Despite the system's age, the PS2 is still able to let this baby shine like the arcade. Also included for the first time in Outrun (I think) is the ability to drift. Mastering this maneuver was not difficult for me (If you can do it in burnout 3 or 4, you can do it in OR2K6), and it gives you a huge edge; going around corners without losing speed, and a marginal loss of control is a huge help. It has all the music and cars from Outrun 2, and has the soundtracks from older outruns as unlockables. There's a lot to unlock, and quite a few minigames (the bossy girlfriend sure has a lot of time on her hands to arrange some of these tasks *LOL*). The game is online-capable, with LAN multiplayer of up to 6 players, and online multiplayer up to 8 players. Last, but not least, is the $30 pricetag. With all this fun at only 50% more than a GH, you can't lose.

The Cons: No offline multiplayer. Now, it's understandable that they don't have this, due to the game's graphical needs. However, it's still a bummer that it's not there, particularly if you don't have the PS2 modem adapter (like me). Some items in the PS2 version require that they are purchased on the PSP via USB connection. This is very asinine to me; if I have the points for an unlockable, I expect the game to unlock the damn thing. If you have Outrun2 on the Xbox, there isn't much reason to warrant a purchase; unless you're a hardcore fan of the series. Also, this game is not available on the Gamecube, which I think would run it a lot better than PS2 would.

Overall: This is a great game, and I highly recommend anyone with a PS2 or Xbox (and doesn't have Outrun 2 on xbox) to pick it up. If you do have Outrun 2 already, pick it up if you want to, I sure as heck ain't gonna stop you!

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