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David Blaine: crazy???

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Okay so David Blaine is living inside of an aquarium in the middle of Lincoln Center in NYC since May 1st. He is living on liquid nutrition (he hasn't eaten anything solid in 2 weeks so that he won't produce solid waste) and he has a cathater. On May 8 he'll try and break the world record for holding his breath underwater. The current record is around 8 minutes and he's going for 9.

I don't know if any of you are familiar with his previous public 'stunts' but he lived in a box above the Thames in England without food for 44 days, lived in a block of ice in Times Square (I can't remember for how long), and also is known for his street magic in NYC.

So what do you guys think? Do you respect his willpower, think he's crazy, or just don't care at all?

On Thursday when I was in the city I thought I'd go check out the public display for myself and take a pic with him. He looked like an alien fetus inside the spherical aquarium. I was surprised by his generosity (as generous as he could be from behind glass) to the crowd gathered to gawk. He waved and seemed pleased that so many people came to stare.

Attached is my pic with him. Don't mind my huge sunglasses. (They were needed b/c my eyes have scratches on both lenses.....long random story for another time)post-167-1146962090.jpg

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