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Since this album is out of print, I thought I'd upload it so that more people could enjoy it.


  1. At the Moment
  2. The Secret of Life
  3. Big Scary Place
  4. Belafonte's Inferno (the song that made me buy the album)
  5. The Conspiracy Song
  6. How It's Gonna Be
  7. All Around the World
  8. Silly Dreams
  9. Wonderfully Colored Plastic War Toys
  10. God's Kid Brother
  11. If I Had a Gun
  12. Here Comes Mr. X
  13. Shaft in Greenland
It's a little more subdued than the milkmen's more famous work. It's definately still ammusing, but in a more complex and adult way. (It's also more musically developed). Enjoy.

Linky (if the yousendit link thing expires and you still want the album, just im me, or something)

Oh yes, other people can put their uploads in this thread as well.

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