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The Anime Gee's & Mr. Jones multi-cultural music thread. (^o^ ) <3

Anime Gee

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Oh yes. Since Mr. Jones & I have a very different taste in music, compared to the rest of the forum, we decided to make a thread for you kids. We will begin with these 2 releases. ( ^o^)

Spanish Harlem Orchestra:

<a href="http://download.yousendit.com/31AF234363FAB75F" target="_blank">http://download.yousendit.com/31AF234363FAB75F</a>

^ A wonderful salsa band from New York. All you young men should go out & learn how to dance this stuff. Yes! The girlies will be after you! (^_^ )

Buena Vista Social Club:

<a href="http://download.yousendit.com/C1C465D637DDF18E" target="_blank">http://download.yousendit.com/C1C465D637DDF18E</a>

^ Cuban music from Cuba! Who would have known?! Yup. Ry Cooder was involved with this project. ( ^_^) <3

Yes. You all have 25 downloads or 7 days to get these!

Indeed! Even though Mr. Jones & I like to commit suicide, cut people piece by piece, & sacrifice our family to Satan while we listen to metal, we also enjoy other kinds of music very much! Yes! There is life after metal! ( ^o^) <3

This thread will be updated with one new song a day! Whatever floats my boat for that day will be uploaded. Thanks for visiting! ( ^_^)/

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Well, for today, my favorite band of all time: Los Amigos Invisibles. This music defines the Anime Gee & Mr. Jones!


Yes. Make sure that you check out the videos on the MEDIA section. These guys are more bossa nova than Antonio Carlos Jobim, more funkier than George Clinton, more housier than Daft Punk, & more soulful than James Brown. FUCKING AWESOME! ( ^_^)

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I haven't updated this for a while.

But yeah. For all you house & techno heads, here's an old house tune mind fuck of the best kind.

Tim Duysen "Interludium" Din A1 Records (Germany)

Straight out of mother fucking Germany! Very hypnotic. That funky subdued futuristic Roland TB 303 sound going into old school breaks & finally ending with a disco vocal sample is the fucking shit! ( @_@)

I was very heavily involved with the house music movement from 1990 to about 2002. This record brings back memories of massive pyramids of speakers, 3 turntables, many lights, many films slips being projected against walls, many people, abandoned warehouses, deserts, forests, & awesome times that were had from 12 AM to about 7 AM on the weekends! (^o^ ) <3

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Here's another old house music tune. This one goes way back to 1992 or somewhere around there.

The Underground Solution "Luv Dancin" (In Deep Mix) Strictly Rhythm (USA)

It's very smooth, hypnotic, & melodic. Even by todays house music standards, this tune still sounds timeless! ( ^_^)

Reminds me of the times that I used to go see Doc Martin play at Flammable Liquid after hours in various venues around downtown Los Angeles, California. Man! Those times were fucking awesome! ( ^o^) <3

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For all you ultra violent, like to kill everything in sight kinda people, I will be uploading several DJ Dieselboy drum 'n bass albums in the next few days. Some of it was done as far back as 1997 & it still sounds like it fucking came from the future.

For now an album that he mixed in 2000:

DJ Dieselboy "System Upgrade"

For those of you that watch anime, you will definitely know the sample that's in track 1. It's non-stop, so it goes for about 80 minutes. Sounds like it straight up came out of a sci-fi or video game. But yeah. If you can burn this to CD & play it really loud on a good stereo system with a good bass speaker, you will be blown away by the bass & mean ass percussion! (^o^ ) <3

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