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Let us Praise ... "Insert random rpgs you dislike"


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Cause Link's idea was brilliant, I say we expand!

(Behold my copy and paste powers!)

Yep, this is a topic to praise "Insert random rpgs you dislike", but there will be some rules.

1. - Only list ONE good thing about the game per post. List a good thing about "Insert random rpgs you dislike" and then wait for somebody else to list a good thing about "Insert random rpgs you dislike". Lets see how long we can keep this going.

2. - NO SARCASM!!! Yeah, I know it is fun to make fun of "Insert random rpgs you dislike", but this topic is SERIOUS. Only list things that you though actually were good about "Insert random rpgs you dislike".

3. Pick yer own game. You can say something good about a game someone else chooses, but you don't have to.

I'll go first.

Beyond the Beyond

Percy was a great spoiler at the end.

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Everyone seems to hate, or never heard of this series. But I always liked it. It has a good cast of characters and a decent story. The gameplay just tended to get a little tedious, since it was a dungeon crawler.

I think you did it wrong pal :hardgay:

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You're suppose to say something good about an RPG you hate. For example, I hate Legend of Mana, but I complimented it for the jewel hunter story arc. See that? See what I did there? I complimented a game I didn't like. That's the purpose of this thread.

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I guess I did it wrong after all, since I don't hate Evolution. But everyone else does, so that has to count for something.

Ok, here:

Ephemeral Phantasia. What a god awful RPG. But the main female character is a complete and total hottie. Which is the reason I bought it... I see the cover of the game and think "wow, she's beautiful." What a mistake.

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