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ffg reprazent

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We allow posting to any roms in VG section, movies / torrents in TV/movies, the Jrock club has endless Jrock releases...

In other words you can pretty much do what you want, I barely have to moderate here since our rules are so loose and everybody is very nice and considerate about them.

Also we have pr0n and hentai in the hentai section, pictures allowed.

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No, I don't believe I made that title either.

Fuck it. Hi, everyone. This place had better be pretty laid back, or I'm getting the hell out.

Then you have found the perfect forum.

Seriously. I can't go to other forums after being here. People are all assholes and such. As SD said, this forum is about as laid back as you can get.

Although some people still get irrationally angry over stupid stuff. But, it IS the internet.

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