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What CD's do you have?


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:O As the title says, what CD's do you actually have. :O Like....have you actually BOUGHT? XD

D'espairsRay - BORN

D'espairsRay - Coll:set

PIERROT - DICTATORS CIRCUS - A variant BUD- (Limited Edition)(though the quality of the CD is greatly lacking since like...a small scratch on the CD causes it to skip really badly. ><)

Utada Hikaru - EXODUS

Peelander-Z - Dancing Friendly

Peelander-Z - HAPPEE MANIA

The TRAX - Rhapsody (even though they're Korean, this album is in Japanese~ :P)

So share, mi amigos! :D

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um i cant list them all cuz i forgot what i have but right here i have

an cafe - shikisai moment

mucc - 6

mucc - gerbera (single)

and off the top of my head

mucc - zekku

mucc - kuchiki no tou

mucc - hoyoku

mucc - ame no orchestra (single)

mucc - saishuu ressha (single)

mucc - kokoro no nai machi (single)

dir en grey - vulgar

dir en grey - withering to death

psycho le cemu - beautiful world

x japan - trance x

hyde - 666 (anyone want this? >>)

cune - some album...i forgot

orange range - musiq

the trax - scorpio (i think this is a single?)

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Even though this is the Jrock club -- since Britt listed Utada Hikaru I assume we can list Jpop...?



LM.C - Trailers [Gold]

LM.C - Trailers [silver]



Arashi - Sunrise Nippon

Arashi - Typhoon Generation [ I don't think there's more than one edition? ]

Arashi - Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi [ Regular Edition ]

Arashi - Jidai

Arashi - a Day in Our Life

Arashi - Nice na Kokoroiki

Arashi - Love so sweet [ Limited & Regular Edition ]


Miyavi - MYV☆POPS [ Korean Regular Edition - I bought it not knowing it wasn't JP Edition! ]

A to ZZ - Complete Single Collection

A to ZZ 2 - Sound & Vision Extra


Arashi - No.1 Ichigou [ Limited Edition -- the actual album is Limited Edition but I'm missing the box + stickers ]

Arashi - One

Arashi - Arashic [ Regular Edition ]

Arashi - TIME


Arashi - Arashi Around Asia

[NOTE: Unless otherwise stated, everything is Japanese Limited Edition]

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hyde - 666 (anyone want this? >>)

What's wrong with it? :mellow: Oh, and do you want me to send you a rar of Cover Parade?

As for me?

MUCC- Rojiura Boku to Kimi e

MUCC- Flight (Regular edition)


MUCC- Horizont (with DVD)

D'espairsRay- Mirror

D'espairsRay- BRILLIANT

Dir en grey- Withering to death

Dir en grey- Agitated Screams of Maggots

Dir en grey- Marrow of a Bone

Dir en grey- DOZING GREEN (Regular and limited edition)

the Underneath- Moon Flower

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