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Meaning behind your user names

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State the reason and meaning behind your current user names here~

Mine's easy:

At the time that I made it up i was still really into Kodomo no Omocha, which is a show that has a character named Hayama Akito. In the show, Hayama would occasionally be show with a lepoard tail and ears to illustrate his aloofness. I found that aspect of the show amusing, so I combined "Hayama" and the japanese word for cat (neko) into one word. I originially had a picture of the character in his cat form as an avvie, but I eventually grew out of it. So thier, now you know (and knowings half the battle!).

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Well... years ago, when I was in 5th or 6th grade, I was trying to come up with a name for a hotmail email account. For some reason, I really liked frogs at the time and decided that I would make the name in the format of *adjective*frog. After much thought, I decided to go with the word Arcane. Thus, arcanefrog@hotmail.com was created. A couple years later I dropped the frog, because just plain Arcane was cooler I thought. Today, I pretty much just use the name Arcane here and mainly in online First Person Shooters.

I have a few other names which I use at times:

Prime - Derived mainly from Optimus Prime. I don't use this name much since it's the name of my computer.

Reason - Pretty much taken from Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson, Reason was a nuclear powered portable gatling gun. "Everybody always listens to Reason." Plus I think it's just a cool word.

Primal Reason - Pretty much just a combination of the previous two. I thought it sounded good.

Primal Lucidity - My AIM name, since Primal Reason was already taken (which infuriates me, by the way). I looked up reason at thesaurus.com, and one of the synonyms for it was lucidity. So I went with that.

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Set Abominae is Iced Earth's mascot.

As for this obscenely long name, it's comprised of three different unrelated names.

Ozymandias is the title of my favorite poem about an egyptian pharoah Ramses II whose greek name was Ozymandias.

Alhazred is the last name of ficitional mad arab monk of HPL fame (the one who wrote the Necronomicon, Abdul Alhazred).

Rapscallion comes from one of my favorite Primus songs, "The Last Superpower aka Rapscallion".

I also go by Empyrium Rex (just something I made up).

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One day when I was joining AN I couldn't think of a username. Then I remembered there was a Gamepro editor with a really cool name, "Tokyo Drifter".

How can I make a similar name without ripping that off? I wondered. It occurred to me then- the only word cooler, in that context, than Tokyo could be samurai. Because, as everyone knows, samurai kick ass.

There you have it. (How many threads have asked this question?)

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Deathmate is a minialbum that Vidoll is putting out on New Years. Type:A and Type:B have different covers -- Type A also comes with a DVD with the SHUT DOWN PV, and Type B comes with the Chocoripeyes PV.

And chocoripeyes is great. D:

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Hanyou. It stands for half demon in Japanese (I think.)

EdHed. A name I use on the Iron Maiden Message Boards. Edward T. Head is the bands mascot.

Chrono. The charachter featured from Chrono Crusade. The spelling of the name varies from Chrno to Chrono. The whole story behind the Chrno spelling is that Daisuke didn't want anyone to confuse it with Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross.

Jaymz Hetfield. Metallica fan? Beatallica fan? Both?*

Crube. It is just a name I made up on the spot.

Dr. Crube. See above reason.

Edit: Both...

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Alhazred is the last name of ficitional mad arab monk of HPL fame (the one who wrote the Necronomicon, Abdul Alhazred).

Thought I recognized it.

As for Belial here's what Deliriumsrealm.com says


Belial (or Beliaal) is Hebrew for "without value." He is known as Beliar in Greek. Among certain sections of the Jews, this demon was considered the chief of all the devils. In The War of the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness (1QM), one of the Dead Sea scrolls, Belial is the leader of the Sons of Darkness:

'But for corruption thou hast made Belial, an angel of hostility. All his dominions are in darkness, and his purpose is to bring about wickedness and guilt. All the spirits that are associated with him are but angels of destruction.'

Belial is also mentioned in the Fragments of a Zadokite Work (which is also known as The Damascus Document (CD)), which states that at the time of the Antichrist, "Belial shall be let loose against Israel, as God spake through Isaiah the prophet." (6:9). The Fragments also speak of "three nets of Belial" which are said to be fornication, wealth, and polution of the sanctuary. (6:10-11) In this work, Belial is sometimes presented as an agent of divine punishment and sometimes as a rebel, as Mastema is. It was Belial who inspired the Egyptian sorcerers, Jochaneh and his brother, to oppose Moses and Aaron. The Fragments also say that anyone who is ruled by the spirits of Belial and speaks of rebellion should be condemned as a necromancer and wizard.

And Dictionary.com says

Be·li·al Audio pronunciation of "Belial" ( P ) Pronunciation Key (bl-l, blyl)


1. A personification of wickedness and ungodliness alluded to in the Bible.

2. One of the fallen angels who rebelled against God in Milton's Paradise Lost.

Its also the name of one of the Seven Lords of Hell in the first Diablo.

I mainly use Belial here and in online FPSs, while I use the name Mira in RPGs

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