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Okay so I was thinking, it must be hard for new members to jump into RT conversations because we all know each other way back (well not ALL of us) and so we either call ourselves by our real name or some name from a curling forum back in the Reagan administration. For members new and old alike!! Here is a reference list so you don't feel like an idiot xD

We can change our display names :P That's why this is so crazy! Feel free to change yours too xD

Forum Name - What We Call them

amy - amy

No Sad Endings - Vampy/Laurie (vampy if you don't know her irl)

Juxtapose - Britt or Juxy

Joe Bastard - Set (from old forum name Set_Abominaemo)

Siendra - Siendra

Doctor Crube - Crube (he's pretty easy because his name always contains Crube)

Ka Faraq Gatri - GPS (he's usually GundamPilotSpaz) or Scott

No Orgasmic Endings/Orgasmic Platform/Marcus Aurelius - Dorkon

le petit renard - Lindsay

ThatMan - Haya

Coop - Coop

Samurai Drifter - SD

bukimi - Jenna/buki

Makil - Makil/Jon

No Otaku Dismemberment - TBO (what is this kid's real name)

tcz - tcz

No Endings Without Sequels! (Usually Ceraziefish) - Cerazie, CF?? Fish????

Battle_Pope - Mr. Pope

No Endings Without Sex OR anything with asian character set - David

GummyBearOfDoom - gummy

Wind - Wind

Galkar - Taekwondeal

stranger - stranger

Mithrandir - Mith

Ewe-one - U-1, Brian, B-DAWG, Brain

Ewe-two - Chupacabra, Chupy

Suga Babe - Suga, Sug

poophy san - poophy

Le Arsie/Wollstonecraft/Arsinol - Arsinol

R.T. - R.T.

Belial - Belial

Arcane - Arcane

Windrider - SC (Dave, Ems)

Venom112 - Shawn or Venom

Hero - Hero or Imran

Otacon - m4xor, Nazi

RJeanMathieu - Roscoe

mst3kjunie - mst

ashlee - ne-chan maybe, do people still call her that? xD

Burbster - Burb (sometimes David)

FaultyClockwork - Faulty, FC

Lanz - Cool Vash, CV for short.

ADN - DarkNebula

Kyoudai - Shijori (sp?) Hiko, or just Hiko for short.

mcnutjob - mcnutty, nutty

J-Stop - VK

Alundra - Alundra

Shad4k - Mud

If you have a nickname and I left you off, or got the wrong name, please post ^^

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Most member just call U1/Natsu by his real name, which is Brian, because he is just that awesome of a guy.

Other members that were left out, though, they don't post much or change there names often,

Lanz - Cool Vash, CV for short.

ADN - DarkNebula

Kyoudai - Shijori (sp?) Hiko, or just Hiko for short.

Then there's Le Arsie/Arsional/Wollstonecraft/#1 Placenta Fan of course. :crube:

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John, but you're John ^^;


Le Arsie's last because I copy-and-pasted it onto the end. If you want me to shuffle them, I sure may. I will also add mcnutjob! Sorry ^^;; I only went through the first 100 posters. *lazy*

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