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Movies so awful that they're good

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I've asked this question at the affiliate site (FFGurus) I come from and I'll ask it here as well. Everyone has a concept of what constitutes a great film and an awful one. Who here has come across films that were just plain awful that they reached a certain level of greatness for all the wrong reasons.

One such movie for me is Eli Roth's first film, Cabin Fever. That movie was just bad for so many different reasons but at the same time I was totally entertained by it level of awfulness. I mean the scene with the redneck kid doing Bruce Lee moves and shouting pancakes was just surreal.

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I'm going to put it as simple as possible.

Recent Mexican films from the early 80's & up.

Well, you have some very noteworthy films like "Amores Perros", "Y Tu Mama Tambien", "El Mariachi", "Sexo, Pudor, Y Lagrimas", but then you have the rest of the crap. Hahahaha!!

Really bad acting, cheesy story lines usually involving drug trafficing & corrupt officers, & pretty much the crappiest film qulity ever. Yup. I swear. Some of it looks like it was filmed with a home video camera.

But yeah!! Some of them are so fucking bad, that they become so entertaining 'cause they're really fucking bad. Hahahaha!


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I'm really REALLY surprised no one has mention Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. They're are the best kind of bad there is. No movie comes close to how awesome those two were they're in my opinion the best shite movies of all time.

And now a link to my street fighter movie sig album. Oh you know you remember them. You know this is what should have been said in the movies.


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i've always had a thing for cabin boy

Shit man I thought I was the only one..yeah this movie was bad but Chris Eliot..was funny as shit in it.

movie for me was Double Dragon..movie was bad in so many ways..I mean Rocket Engine station wagons..Abobo being a I don't know, but it had Mark Dacocos<sp?> and Rober Patrick as the Shadow King..

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Van Helsing and The Core are my two personal favorites.

Although The Core actually has some good parts, it's just cheesy as all hell. Van Helsing is just terrible.

Van Helsing gets major points from me for having the divine Kate Beckinsale in tight leather pants and body-hugging pirate tunic.

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Van Helsing gets major points from me for having the divine Kate Beckinsale in tight leather pants and body-hugging pirate tunic.

Yeah, but I'd rather just watch porn.

Seriously, that movie sucked. I'd absolutely hate it if I hadn't gone to see it with no one but my friends in the theatre and we MST3K'd it.

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