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[Review] "ZeMixx"


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Alright. Since I'm not an official staff (Although hopefully i will be), I figured I'd put this review here.

Lets start with the basics...

Song/artist names, in track order! woo!

Better Off Alone - Alice Deejay

Trance Vol. 6 - AliCE DeSA

Lena - Anaklein

Around the World - ATB

DJ Special Rave Mix - ATB and Paul Van Dyk

123 - Axer

Mandarine Girl - Booka Shade

Knockout - Cirez D

Meet Her At The Love Paradise - Da Hool

Zdarlight - Digitalism

It's Magic - Fat Phaze

No More Conversations - Freedomg Five (Probably the best track on here)

Rock the Choice - Joachim Garaud

Space Invaders Are Back - Joachim Garaud

Jacques Your Body - Les Rythmes Digitales

Water Rave - Mark Van Dale with Enrico (Another excellent track)

Big City Life - Mattafix

Is Killing Me - Nick - Danny Chatelain

You Made A Promise - Shiny Grey

My Washing Machine - Sikk

Teasing Mister Charlie - Steve Angello

Galaxy of Bass(Sub Woofer Rave Mix) - Techno Bass Krew

Washing Up - Thomas Andersson

Du What U Du - Yoshimoto

Whew. Long list.

Now onto a bit of an overall view...

As a trance mix, it has a few good tracks, but alot of the tracks are done by people who I haven't heard alot of. The tracks are mostly unique at least, only a few sound much like any of the other ones. However, I don't think that ATB fits the feel of this album. The majority of the tracks on the album lack signifigant ambient noise, and thus it makes it feel like you're in a confined room or something. And, in my opinion, that's a pretty cool effect.


I'm gonna have to cut it off here and come back later, mother wants me to clean room >>

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