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Kingdom of Heaven dir cut

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On May 23rd the Directors Cut comes out (runtime 191 mins).

I really didn't care for the theatrical cut shown last year in theaters but almost every review of the directors cut (which was shown in some theaters) make it out to be superior in everyway. If you've seen the movie it was blatantly obvious that there were substantial pieces of the film missing. Characters weren't fleshed out, relationships seemed forced, and a lot of stuff just wasn't explained.


Review of the new cut. Originally gave it a C+ and gave the new cut an A. Definitely sounds promising. A lot of the problems with the original seem to be addressed.


Amazon has the pre-order up for 17 dollars. Other sites are selling it for 24-25 (retail 34).

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I will definitely get this dvd and I too have heard that this director's cut is not just longer but better paced. Though unless certain scenes were changed there's still abit of historical inaccuracies that still bothered me. Really just nitpicking during the fight scenes, especially the large battles.

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I, too, enjoyed the original though I had quite abit of quibles with the historical inaccuracies in the film. I think thsi Director's Cut --- once I get it in the mail --- will only enhance my enjoyment but at the same time still bug me with the inaccuracies.

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