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"Based off the hit gamer webcomic, CAD is going to create their own cartoon series online. They will be releasing a new episode once a month starting Feb 2006. The catch is that you have to pay about $2.99 an episode because the company helping make their cartoon needs to make a profit. Yet if you sign up now you can get 12 episodes for $1.66 an episode. Also you can get access to more artwork, scripts, wallpapers, and prizes from CAD in return for your support."

That animation is really awkward. They're charging for that?

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The animation in the trailer is attempting a fuller, slower style that doesn't work right at all. On top of that the animation is lumpy and inconsistent. With faster timing and quick inbetweens they could have disguised it. For a series that costs you $40 for a season (the price of a regular traditional animated series season set), the backgrounds need to be more detailed, the compositions need to be better, and the animation needs to find a style that clicks with its designs.

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CAD isn't a bad webcomic, it is just written by bad gamers.

My god your a fucking fan boy. Just because someone owns an X-Box, doesn't mean they're a bad person. Now say it with me GPS, "Just because someone owns an X-Box, doesn't mean that they are a bad person."

Now repeat it 50 times.

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Now, what would I rather buy for that much money? A dvd of a season of half hour episodes of a western cartoon, or maybe 5-6 episodes of anime? Or 48 minutes of these CAD skits, a good chunk of which would be credits most likely?

Oh yeah, Briarcliffe College is taking all my money anyway. Ah well.

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Tim's a prick, I'm not paying that much for his fucking money-making scheme. He can stick 'CAD Premium' up his elitist ass.

EDIT: And he can follow CAD Premium with his XBox 360 skins. Tim has officially become a whore.

This is the ideal location to post your "BURN!" image.

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God, CAD is terrible. And I'll explain why.


Can you feel it? That's Tim Buckley, the creator of CAD, opening your mouth and trying to shove a joke down your throat. In case you missed the joke, it's right there in bold! How wonderful!

To be fair, this joke isn't bad...


...when it was first made in Penny-Arcade.


They don't always steal jokes, though. This comic...


...is completely different from this.


I mean, bread and spoons! Those are completely different, why not?! HOW DARE YOU QUESTION TIM BUCKLEY?! IT'S COINCIDENCE, THAT'S ALL!

What can't be explained away is the general shittiness of the writing.


BOLD THE PUNCHLINES! Comedic genius!

I didn't work too hard on this, but I think I managed to improve on CAD in every single way.


CAD is Penny-Arcade's jokes wrapped in PvP's pacing and style, with something gone horribly wrong. The fanbase is the stupidest, most vile dreck on the internet, who lash out with "OMG U SUCK FANBOY" whenever you present any theory that Buckley's an unoriginal, untalented hack.

Which he is.

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That is probably the most hamfisted delivery of a joke I've ever seen. It's like Tim finished the storyline part of the comic and had a text bubble left over, so he went to IGN and looked up the day's top story, of which he read the headline.

For further example:





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The Radeon one is uncalled for.

I like about half of the strips, most aren't that funny and the Xbox love pisses me off. I never saw those connections to PA, and now that I see them it kinda makes me sick. The thing is, even the unfunny PA strips get the point across. CAD has no point, it is just trying to be funny, and that is why PA will always be better.

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