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Members' constantly changing names

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Is there some way for me to see who I'm talking to? It's very confusing allowing members to change their SN's at will, without any way to tell who they were. I'm not saying it's a bad feature, I'm just confused, and I want to know I'm talking to, say, Arsinol, instead of #1 Placenta Fan. The only reason I know who he is, is that he put "Le Arsie" as his title and he kept his avatar the same. Is there some part in a member profile that I'm missing that tells me what their basic Screen name is?

Thanks :)

Edit: Nevermind, I found the User Name Change History function. It's still a bit confusing though -_-;

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Personally I'm not a big fan of the name change at will thing. I don't frequent random thoughts, and so I'm always trying to figure out who's who every couple of weeks. I'd prefer it people would just stick to changing their member status, but whatever.

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