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Nar nar nar~ :O

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And so....I show you some of my sad attempts at drawing. XD;; WHEE! ....And one of my few attempts at sume-i painting. :x

My median of choice: Your average ballpoint pen and a sume-i ink set. :D

Comments: By me, written by me. ALL MINE! RAWR! XD

First subject: Female of unknown identity


Second subject: Male of unknown identity


Third subject: A VK male of unknown identity


Fourth subject: A random background scenery


.... :x I don't think I did very well on the tree in the front. D:

And fwee! There be the stuff. ....And stuff~ xD;;

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Why do I find it adorable that you DRAW the text faces into the picture. Not to mention your laugh XD

Uhh....xD I dunno~ But I always do that with all of my writing. :x

I like the landscape toooo. And the faces are pretty good for being done with a ballpoint pen. I think you should look into getting some technical pens later on so you can make much finer lines and whatnot. :D

Ne ne ne~ Do they sell the...techinical pens in a ballpoint sort of ink? ?_? Cause I find I have more control of what I draw when using that type of ink instead of like a marker type ink or pencil. XD

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