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Yep another ffgurus invader..! Been herded over here by Wind :wink: Who is a hottie, and all round nice guy. Haha!

I will edit this post with a pic soon so you have an idea of who you're talking to later on... my work filter doesn't allow it. :dry:




a hottie and an all around nice guy?

boy I sure hope I get to meet him!! :cool:

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Freudian slips were used by Jules Verne in a book about 20 years before Freud published those ideas.

Um, no. All Freud did was distribute an actual medical report on it. The 'slip' itself has been around since man was able to communicate. Known or not.

So saying Jules Verne used it about 20 years before he published these ideas is kind of a moot point. xD

Besides, Freud didn’t coin the term himself, it’s the morons who don’t know jack shit about what he wrote/said.

But, I understand what you're saying it and why. Just know that Freud, like Darwin, didn't really invent what he wrote. He just found a new and improved way of saying an old thing.

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