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Digital Video Project


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Well, this could have been posted in TV/movies and Video Game sections but I decided to post it here since I want everyone to view this and evaluate my work.

In digital video class, I only had 2 weeks and 3 shooting days, so I made a fun little piece based off of the Sega Dreamcast. I wanted to shoot it in the fun-spirit of various 80's cheese filled video-game commercials and advertising while getting the message across that the Dreamcast was a powerful, awesome system often ignored nowadays by this generation of gamers.

We lost all audio, so we had to Dub over all voice parts, (they are suppose to be funny, but it was not intended to be dubbed), I provide a voice over for the "Non-Believer #2" character once he starts playing dreamcast to display a bit of humor.

Note I am not in this video, although I do the narration, and that 1 voice-over. I wrote, directed and filmed this piece so evaluate my filming style and choice of direction aswell as how much you enjoyed the piece.

Thanks =]


- yeah, the annoying mic breath sound wasnt hearable in the studio :angry:

edit - and everybody favorite it, and 5/5 star it, and comment and whatnot THANKS.

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