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Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures


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Any of you been following Conan? It looks amazing so far. I really like the idea that there's a 10-15 hour single player which gets you acclimated for the MMO. (And you only have to play it once, after that you can skip it.)

Some cool features:

-Insane character customization including the abiltiy to give your characters broken noses.

-Action RPG combat. No more auto-attack.

-The ability to damage more than one character per swing of your sword. Anyone in your swords radius gets hurt.

-Mounted combat.

-First M-Rated MMO.

-Taverns are weaponless free for all PvP zones. DRUNKEN BRAWLS HOOO!

-Large scale epic PvP planned, with seige weapons and RTS elements.

-Player made villages.

-Town vs Town combat.

Anyone interested in checking out the gamplay should check out this link and then download the developers commentary trailer. It's long but very informative.

This ones got me majorly hyped.

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FYI for those of you who might not have seen it here's some stuff from the pre-E3 blowout Gamespy had. And of course they had a week long segment on Conan giving some background info about the world to the uninitiated.

Info on the art direction and history of the playable races home lands:




Foes you'll face (AKA:No giant rats)



Anyways, I was reading up on Stygia since it's one of the few areas in Conan's world that's never really been fully realized in books or comics (at least that I know of) and it sounds awesome. Basically they're a race of evil types who worship the old (read: cthulu) gods.

Old god worshipper in a game? Count me in jack.

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