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Tango's Natural Selection Server


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Well, as the title reads, I have (rent) a Natural Selection server. I would like to invite any and all who enjoy NS to come play in the server. It's a little new, since I recently switch from CS, but it works nonetheless. So, come on in and enjoy yourselves. You can post any comments/questions here and I'll do my best to answer them.

server name: The Gummy Bears

server address:

BTW, the admin is fixed, so it's all good.

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Okay, someone directed me to where I needed to fix the core NS files to accomodate to the admin controls. They should be working now, I'll try them out later.

I am also thinking of doing a weekly get together for AE and close friends, whoever want to join. I would password it and post it here. I'm thinking of Wednesdays, but I'm not sure yet. Let me know any feedback.

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for us, we had a 16 man server for about $27 a month.

here's a link to the site. But be careful, don't sign up unless you know some C++ coding. I had to do some learning myself, but I can help ya with it if you need. Basically, it's putting other people's coding and inserting it into your server. Simple, once you get it down.

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