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Let's discuss... LORDI!


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they're pretty awesome. i mean, who wouldn't love a monsterman?

also, i read a while back that there was some controversy when they were chosen to represent Finland in some multinational music dealie

Doesn't matter now, they're in the semis I think. Maybe the finals?

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I'm using a message board I post on with a large English population to see how Lordi is doing in Eurovision.

It sounds like they're doing great. Because Norway <3 Finland.

Also, judging by the fact Lordi can compete in this I have concluded that Eurovision > American Idol.

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Dude you can;t even compare eurovision to american idol. Eurovision not only is it fucking hilarious but kicks amssive ass, not to mention it is all about racism and shitty europe politics/HISTORY. Thus I'm surprised Darkon hasn;t been a eurovision fan since the begining of time.

I heard about it in 05 and sort of followed it. Now I'm an addict.

Yeah, I know some other folks I know in England were saying that England needs more political allies just for the sake of Eurovision.

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