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Pro-Carbon-Dioxide Ad Sponsored by Exxon.

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Funniest thing I've ever seen, I'm not exagerrating.

(sudden evil voice) "Let's force people to cut back!" How dare they "force" (aka present it as an alternative option) Americans to ride bikes and carpool and use public transporation.

This was seriously like one of those satrical films they show on cartoons or something but it's not satrical..

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Anyone who takes that seriously is an indredibly stupid individual.

I'd like to make a short and serious comment on it though...

"We depend on those fuels..."

And what exactly is wrong about switching our dependency to a cleaner renewable source that isn't burried under a nation that would love nothing more than to slaughter every last one of us?

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Instead of trying to personally improve their own ways and means of increasing fossil fuel efficiency and publically toting their accomplishemnts in doing so, they'd rather say: 'hey carbon dioxide good! liberal media bad!' That's like if perscription drug adds focused on the good aspects of diarrhea as a side effect.

seems lazy and backwards to me.

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Headache medication commercial:

This new wonder pill will cure any headache in seconds! But a few minutes later, it will be fallowed by vomiting and diarrhea. But think about how much weight your will lose!

But any way…

Let them waist there money if they wont, no one intelligent enough to vote will be swayed by that ad…

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There are a lot of people who AREN'T intelligent enough to vote, but do anyway. We call them Christians.

Yeah and don't forget the; eco nuts, crazy animal rights idiots, college students, college professors, postmodernists, illegal aliens/immigrants, muzlims, far left "progressivists," and more then a few others no doubt...

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college professors


I'm sorry, man, but in no way can I think of a better way to make fun of you than by quoting you directly.

I know we're not supposed to flame, and I know personal attacks are totally immature and lame. But come on, college professors? Who the fuck are you going to call intelligent if you don't call them intelligent?

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