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SNK's future


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First of all, I'd like to warn all readers that my opinions are listed below each statement, and I know that people on video game message boards get offended when somebody states their opinion. So if you aren't in the mood to get offended, and you typically disagree with everything I say, then it's best to just skip over anything written in italics. Also, I encourage everyone else to post their thoughs on this news as well, since that's the whole point of a message board.

Source: The Magic Box

# Developers are looking into how to use the Wii controller in Metal Slug Anthology

My thoughs: Sweet, as long as it doesn't get in the way of the core gameplay, I'm fine with it.

# Metal Slug 6 will not be included in Metal Slug Anthology, however the game will likely appear in a Nintendo platform, because 2D games are not suitable for PS3 or Xbox 360

My thoughts: All the more reason for me to only support Nintendo during this console race. If I can't play 2D games on your console, then I won't buy it. End of story!

# Sony has rejected a number of their 2D projects for PS2, because they do not correspond to the graphic standard

My thoughts: You see, I've been saying all along that this is the very reason I hate Sony. Of course, Sony fans refuse to accept the fact that it's true.

# Metal Slug for GBA is a port of the first title in the series, coming out in September 2006

My thoughts: I probably won't bother with it, but it's cool nonetheless.

# SNK Playmore does not plan to release future titles for Xbox

My thoughts: Good choice. Xbox fans aren't the kinds of people who care about SNK style games anyway.

# Wii will receive the most software support from SNK Playmore

My thoughts: Looks like Nintendo's idea of appealing to small developers is going to pay off. Hopefully more of them will jump on board.

# The PS2 shooter Twinkle Star Sprites will not be published in US because there's no market for the genre

My thoughs: FUCK YOU, SNK, FUCK YOU! "No market for the genre," my ass! I'd reserve it and then buy it the day of its release. Sure, it's not going to be PS2's Halo killer, but a niche still exists for titles like that.


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Whenever I hear Nintendo and SNK, it's always Metal Slug, Metal Slug, Metal Slug.

Metal Slug games being ported to Nintendo consoles and handhelds might interest me if I couldn't play all the MS games at my local arcade (hell, even a laundromat nearby has MS4), or if they had any features that would assure me I wouldn't get the "I spent $40 on this?" feeling.

KoF is still on the PS2 and XBox, though I suppose that doesn't mean much because KoF's losing it's following in the States to tournament players who would now rather play SF3:3S, CvS2, MvC2, or T5:DR rather than try to keep up with every new KoF game that's released every year. MI/MI2/MI3/KoF2006 will probably do as well as a fighting game possibly can on a console, which isn't very well at all these days.

If you ask me: The future for SNK is grim.

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That being said, the PS3 will eventually have 2D games just like the PS2.

HA! I'll believe that when I see it.

On a different note, I do hope that SNK starts to make more games that aren't either a Metal Slug game or a fighting game. Since they're working with Nintendo again, they should make a sequel to Crystalis.

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Heh, I don't think Nintendo fans are any more likely to buy SNK games at the unreasonable prices they were selling em for than Xbox fans.

Do I have any problem with playing KoF games or Samurai Showdown? No.

Do I have a problem with paying 40 dollars for the newest game with identical graphics and essentially the same characters as the last 5 versions with only minute changes in gamplay or balance? Yes.

SNK needs to take double check the slog they're putting out, rather than the platform.

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They are indeed overpriced. Metal Slug 3 by it's self was $40 on the XBOX, which was just ridiculous.

You think $40 for the best game on the Xbox is ridiculous? I think it is an amazing deal.

Also, I'm just posting here to give my props to Akito. He proves once again why he is the single best poster at AE when it comes to videogames. He should be modding the section.

Thank you and good night

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Y'know, it's about time for SNK to start focusing on making good 3D games. I'm not saying they have to abandon 2D altogether. I'm as much of a fan of 2D as anyone here. It's just that they're running out of things to do with the 2D limitation in place. Keep doing KOF and Metal Slug and all of that, but put some effort into a couple of good, 3D franchises. KOF:MI does not count, it's just KOF^3.

It's like cutting your hair and shaving to get a job; You can have all of the talent and potential in the world, but if you look like you stepped out of another decade, no one will take you. After you get hired, you can grow a decent goatee and maybe let your hair shag, but don't let Sony know that until they're licensing your games.

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I dunno, I don't think they need to go 3D. I think they should just show some fucking love to their IPs. I mean while at one time these were nice looking games, times have changed. Throw some high res sprites in there, come up with a whole new fighting system... Create a new tournament... Make up a couple of new franchises.

But at this point the spurning out of mediocre sequel after mediocre sequel is stealing the reigns from Capcom. And that was one of the whole reasons I tuned into SNK in the first place.

Again, their problem isn't in how many dimensions they use. It just seems they're running out of heart.

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SNK need to release new franchises. If they are goin to release another KOF or Metal Slug, please make the graphics more like GGX which remains 2D but actualy good-looking.

hmm. SNK's talent for detailed animations plus high resolution sprites.

I'm picturing something that looks like an interactive animation and am liking it greatly

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I've had a bad experiance with SNK. The only game of theirs (other than Metal Slug, WHICH OWNZ!) I have played Capcom vs. SNK. This game did NOT do justice to the genre.

The Capcom Vs. SNK series is made by Capcom, though.

Go download MAME and get yourself some Samurai Shodown!, and King of Fighters games.

And if you have a NES (or want to pirate it), get Crystalis.

Now, if you don't want to pirate these (by using MAME), some must-buys that are released in the US include King of Fighters 2000/2001 (PS2), Metal Slug 3 (PS2 or Xbox), and Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves (DC) to start out.

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