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Someone who is a good artist!

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Alright, if you have a scanner and can draw well I'd like someones help to draw my character portriat for a MUD I play, I'll give you the details once you decide your up for it.. it doesn't have to be really detailed or colored but just a cool character picture I can use in my description post.

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It's a dragonball Z based MUD (ITS FUCKING AWESOME)

Anyway my race is a Konatsu, the same as Tapion in that picture but let me describe my character.

White Skin, Neon Green Eyes, Silver Mohawk (similar to that), a blue glassed scouter (like saiyans have in the show), clothing similar but make it look more defended and bad-ass. Below the drawing please put the name Zen. Thanks!

Thanks alot guys, anymore questions ask.

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same same bro, Kontatsu is a Sworld Wielding Race (Elf like with mohawks as you can see), they concentrate theyre Ki into the sword to use sword techniques.

Give him a bad-ass 1 handed sword, and he is 5 foot 12 145 pounds according to my character creation choices.

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