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Accelerated Evolution

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About time you rejoined this place. And coop officially belongs to me since you've been gone.

NO he is mine damn it you just took care of him since i couldnt be around *pokes and takes coop back and snuggles him* mine i tell you mine *pulls out a gun and places it at Wind forehead while holding onto coop tightly* i have been busy *nods*

*hugs gee* yes yes i am here

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I don't belong to anyone, I love you all equally!~ D:

But i own you O_O *clings* your mine damn it *pokes wind* hes mine *clings and licks coop* your just to cute anyone messes with you and i will hurt them *narrows eyes and then smiles*

i am elven_vampire -User.ini- i dont know you either *pokes* so who are you!?

thanks amy...but i am not quite sure i remember you..care to help me ^_^

thanks everyone else

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