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Okay due to all of us loving the idea of a metal chat I've decided to make this thread to arrange such a glorious meeting of metal heads.

Simply make suggestions here.

We could go for IRC or Aim. AIM will proberly be easier for most people though. If we did decide to go for IRC though we could go for the K-T IRC which is of course cram packed full of metal lovers. Both me and Stranger go to that chat frequently.

Well suggest away. But I guess this thread does deserve a warning because the amount of metal that will gather in this chat and with our powers combined we could indeed destroy the world as we know it.

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You're all welcome to idle in the FFGurus chat if you want. Pretty much all we talk about there is music and sports anyway.

There's usually 15-20 people there at any given time, granted we might all be sleeping.

irc.teragon.net #ffgurus

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i would suggest AIM. i probably wouldnt show up though because i havent listened to any metal lately...oustide of sonata arctica, and i dont even think that counts.

Sonata Arctica is more metal than a steel mill.

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