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The Non-Metal Thread


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Alright, I figured we'd best make a sticky thread for all that non-metal related discussion.

So yeah, its just like the metal thread but for Alt Rock, Indie, Classic Rock, Prog rock, Hop-Hop, Trance, whatever just talk about it.

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Honestly, I call anything that is synth-heavy, "electronica". I don't know why folks try to split music into all of these tiny sub-genres. There is plenty of overlap amongst them....

that's pretty much what my friend told me :laugh:

i'm really digging the "lounge" section of that site Dorkon posted earlier, though

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I've been listening to Infected Mushroom a lot lately, which is apparently Trance. It's good stuff.

Goa/Psytrance. It's got its differences, but not to the untrained listener.

The thing with electronica subgenres is that there are the basic subgenres, and then certain movements/scenes of each that have their own local flavor to them.

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The thing with electronica subgenres is that there are the basic subgenres, and then everyone just makes up the rest of the genres as they go along. Seriously, it's 10x worse than metal with the extraneous classifications.
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I thought Bikini Kill was grunge... Oh well. As for punk, I don't listen to alot of punk... or even a little bit for that matter. There's The Ramones, Flogging Molly, Turbnegro, and something else that I can't remember.

G.G. Fucking Allin

And, yes, Bikini Kill is definitely Grunge.

As for Punk. I used to have a ton of Crust, Oi!, Hardcore, and Anarcho, but I've since lost everything. Crass, Aus-Rotten, Flux of Pink Indians, Antischism, Amebix, The Dead Kennedys, From Ashes Rise, Oi Polloi, Cockney Rejects, and a few more on the tip of my tongue all come to mind as favorites of mine. Specifically the first 2, which I still listen to from time to time on mix CDs I made 2 1/2 years ago.

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would anyone mind giving me a rundown of what's up with all the different genres of electronica?

a friend tried to explain it to me a while back, but gave up halfway through

I honestly think that that's pretty stupid too, and i really <3 my techno (which is what i call electronica as a whole genre).

I think instead of like, fucking 20 sub-genres, there should be 3 or 4 with alot less overlap.

Oh, btw i <3 my Trance (Vocal, Heavy, Euro, whatev), House, and Industrial.

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I'd like to listen to more punk as well, as I like the idea but not most of the music I've listened to.

I have some music by the Clash that I don't think is that good, but I've only listened to half the album once.

I have too much music to listen to... I still have a bunch of music I got last summer that I haven't listened to, and I've kept getting more since.

Right now I'm listening to Jimi Hendrix. I used to really like him, then I really hated him, now I like him again. But I only listen to Are You Experienced? and Electric Ladyland anymore. BTW if anyone has "All Along the Watchtower" off of Electric Ladyland, it would be incredibly groovy if they sent it along, since it seems to have disapeared off my hard drive and I can't find the CD.

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