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here's the stuff i usually recommend:

fu manchu

bottom <--- ultra rad girl band

acid king

sons of OTIS


the atomic bitchwax

karma to burn

dragonauta (can't go wrong with south american bands named after SLEEP songs)

(men of) porn

beaver / 13aver

i used to go on stonerrock.com sometimes and just screw around looking for bands with silly names and cool album covers

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Anyone familiar with the band Trans Am? They're pretty post-rock, as far as I know, and I think a lot of you guys would dig it.

I think I was recommended them in the past, never checked them out. Got anything you can upload?

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here's someone i just found someone who fans of atmospheric guitar stuff should dig

Burton Wagner

download his newest album:

1. "a sentinel's eyes'

2. "beginning's end"

sections break down as follows:

1 - A Sentinel's Eyes. (0:00)

a) Still waters run shallow. (7:20)

b) Diction of a held tongue. (10:19)

c) Coma rain. (12:22)

d) Unspoken apologies. (13:40)

e) Daydream's serenade. (15:49)

f) Blinding radiance. (19:01)

g) Daydream's requiem. (23:03)

h) Farewell forever. (26:31)

2 - Beginning's End. (30:00)

a) New remnants of buried ghosts. (36:07)

b) Dawning deceit. (43:30)

c) Blind eyes turn skyward. (49:38)

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