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The Non-Metal Thread


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i've been fucking with it, and im a lot more proficient with LSDJ or LGPT :hardgay:

and i know some people are better with those Modplug style trackers so i figured we could just choose which tracker to use.

that being said, im going to learn how to use renoise :hardgay:

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i'm shocked at the lack of ZOMG NEW RUSH posts/threads :D some of you were going apeshit over the new album a few months ago and now nothing

It might not show, but I was totally going apeshit in real life.

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so im thinking im going to have my lady friend over tonight. I think we're going to drink some vodka, then im going to blow her mind with some GYBE - dead flag blues, any one else have any mind blowing tracks for someone who listens to shitty radio rock?

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