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recommendations - no plot + funny?


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Doki Doki School Hours is a lot like Azumanga Daioh, in the respect that it's about a group of high schoolers, it seems to be rather episodic too.

Its also repitative as fuck and fiercly unfunny. Your better off with something like School Rumble or Ichigo Marshmellow. School Rumble sort of has plot (love triangles and stuff). but its mainly random comedy

edit: Thiers also Gokujou Seitokai, though personally never found it that funny from the little that I watched

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Ranma 1/2 and Urusei Yatsura. Sure, Ranma 1/2 has a few story arcs here or there, or some background to the characters, but they aren't that important, and the show is quite humorous. It's also more episodic than it is story based.

I also, of course, mention Cromartie High School.

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Going to have to mention Cromartie again. It is probably the most well done "no plot/random comedy" that I have ever seen.

Also, soon to be released on DVD, 2x2 Shinobuden (known as Ninja Nonsense in the US) is a fantastic and very funny series. Not really any plot to follow and it will have you laughing.

For something more recent. If you aren't scared of the japanese language and are willing to download fansubs. Magikano is quite amusing. It gets somewhat of a plot towards the end. But it isn't anything you have to pay attention too. Same thing with Kage Kara Mamoru, another very amusing series that doesn't really need to be followed that much.

Oh yeah, Keroro Gunso rules as well.

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