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Ivalice: Final Fantasy Themed Mud


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Enter a realm of Fiends ...

Enter a realm of Dark Knights ...

Enter a realm of Magicite ...

Enter a realm of ... Chocobos!?

Let your Imagination take over ...

Let Reality fade away ...

Enter the Realm of Ivalice ...




Some people stay clear away from MUD's because text based games seem confusing and not fun to them, well once you get past that confusing stage they are always awesome games with great communities, community wise 10 thousand times better than mmorpgs because all the dumb kids can't figure out how to play them!

While playing an excellent DBZ based Mud I discovered this little gem. Ivalice! a mud based in a fantasy world where you can basically be any class from each FFgame. For example I am Silenius an Evil Sword Knight from The Kingdom of Doma! as I level up and train my skills I gain new Special Movies, which is like Cyans sword tech. Right now I can only use Dispatch (I'm level 13) and its pretty rad concept =]

The only thing is the strict rules in the game, when creating a character it has to be totally unique fantasy name, not sounding like an FF game, any other game, a famous person, Ancient Gods, a character from ANYTHING cannot be used as a name, or anything sounding similar to it. Also names like "FLUFFYPUFFYKNIGHT" etc. So think of a totally unique name if your interested, or else you'll be asked to re-make.


Anyway, if anybodies interested and confused I shall explain commands, how to get started and stuff although if you have about 30 minutes the opening Tower of Newbies or whatever is excellent and teaches you alot right off the bat.

my only tip alot of people don't know is, once you enter the real world (of any mud) type "Recall" to bring you back to the recall zone. This is where all players recall to and all directions to areas you can find are FROM recall. Type "Area" to find an area in your level range, then to get directions type "Help Areaname" (Depdning on the name of the area, for example "Help Narshe"). Then copy the directions "For example 4w2se4n2w" and paste it, hit enter and from RECALL it will bring you there.

Any other walking like walking around zoens are directional typing such as N,S,E,W and U, D. (up and down).

Enjoy and come and join us!

Magicite, Materia, callers, magitek armor, ninjas, black mage - ITS ALL HERE. It's what final fantasy XI should have been.


meet me!


Silenius -

Level: 13 Age: 17 years Hours: 4

Homeland: Doma castle Sex: Male Race: Human Class: Sword Knight

Limit Meter: [---- ] Element: Unholy

Hit Points 36/ 143 Practices: 3

Spell Points 91/ 128 Trains: 0

Roleplay Points: 0 Alignment: Demonic

Strength: (30) Magic: ( 8)

Spirit: ( 9) Speed: (14)

Stamina: (11) Luck: ( 3)

Magic Resist: 1% Evade: 1%

Brave: 9 Faith: 0

Social Points: 20 Quests Left: 26

Items: 22/ 93 Weight: 5/532

You have white eyes and very long black hair.

Your armor barely protects you.

You have scored 426 exp and need 5,774 to level.

You have 141 quest points.

Wimpy set to 0 hit points.

You are standing.


Tall, slender, and muscular stands a mysterious figure. He has long Jet

Black hair extending halfway down his back. His white eyes capturing

attention as they seem to glow. His face is well defined but not overly

skinny, with perfect clarity of all facial features. He wears a striking

night black trench coat with many bright silver zippers and buckles. Pants

the same shade extend down with a loose fit. His boots are Jet Black with

sturdy structure, seeming to be a specialized version of the average Doma

Sword Knight boot. A long gleaming silver Katana is sheathed at his side

concealed by his trench coat. His hands are covered by thick black finger

cut gloves, decorated with bright silver lining. His aura flows with evil


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I keep writing up very mean posts and then not posting them, and I just don't feel like being "that asshole" today.

So I'll just say, I'm glad you found a MUD you like, but I disagree tha FF11 should be anything other than what it is because it's a marvelous game with a very interesting and unique world wheras this MUD is mostly a rehash of every old ff world put together.

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Therefore having nostalgicly good value and allowing you to further explore favorite areas of every FF game with every class you wanted to always be from every FF game, whilst also having other areas and all that good stuff.

FFXI Is far from marvelous, - unique and new yes, but far from marvelous.

Also, I've played BatMud, Aardwolf (for like 4-5 years), Mozart Mud, Ansalon the origin, and Zombie Mud (others im missing) and so far this is the best (before I played this aardwolf was by far the best).

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