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How to prepare for SATs


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If you can read 11th grade level passages (which they should be throwing at you in English-III, short essays by George Orwell and such) without having to look up too many of the words, you should do fine with the reading comprehension.

SAT Math: SAT Math should be pretty easy for anyone who did well throughout Algebra->Geom->Trig->PreCalc, just make sure you don't rush or you'll lose points for simple mistakes.

Ask people who've taken the test at the testing center before if the proctor is a total bitch or more laid back. If your proctor is lazy and sits back watching movie trailers on their computer the entire time, you can probably be all sneaky and finish your essay if you didn't (Because we all enjoy writing essays in 20~30minutes).

SAT II Literature: I hope you enjoy Shakespeare, because many of the passages will be from Shakespeare or around that era, and you'll have to be able to interpret the passage and what is meant by certain phrases.

SAT II Math L2: Most people feel the test is actually easier than the SAT Math, which is why some mathtastic schools require you to get a perfect on it. Less Geometry/PreCalc, more Trig/Statistics/Algebra.


You have to pay a fee if you sign up for an SAT test and don't show up. Might as well take it, since it won't count against you if you take the test again later and get better scores.

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...Waitwaitwait TRIG?!??!?! LIKE, SINES AND COSINES?? O SHIT

other than that THANKS everyone! :D SAT is kind of high stakes cause my grades are crapola and I have to cancel them out if I want to get into el Brandeis. I semifinalisted the psat by a small amount so I don't think I'll do horribly but i want to beast this >_>

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