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Time Travel!

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Help me make a list of all the Star Trek episodes that have to do with Time Travel, or traveling though time, or time moving backwards or forwards or stopping!

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

Star Trek: First Contact

Star Trek: Generations

TOS: The City On the Edge of Forever

TOS: Tomorrow is Yesterday

TOS: Assignment: Earth

TNG: Time Squared

TNG: Yesterday's Enterprise

TNG: Future Imperfect

TNG: A Matter of Time

TNG: Cause and Effect

TNG: Time's Arrow

TNG: Relics

TNG: Tapestry

TNG: Timescape

TNG: Firstborn

TNG: All Good Things...

DS9: Little Green Men

DS9: Trials and Tribble-ations

DS9: Children of Time

DS9: Time's Orphan

DS9: Past Tense

VOY: The 37s

VOY: Future's End

VOY: Year of Hell

VOY: Coda

VOY: Timeless

VOY: Shattered

VOY: Endgame

VOY: Death Wish

ENT: Broken Bow

ENT: Cold Front

ENT: Shockwave

ENT: Zero Hour

ENT: Storm Front

ENT: In a Mirror, Darkly

ENT: These Are the Voyages...

Bold = Up to Debate

Italics = added

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i wouldn't say tapestry is really time travel, more of a game Q came up with. picard was just caught up in an illusion. as for relics, scotty just got caught up in the dyson sphere. i wouldn't really call that time travel, just a cool experience and a funny ass ep.

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you forgot the TOS lazarus ep!

and last night i was watching tapesty again cause it made me want to and there was a lot of conflicting dialogue in it that i can't decide if it is time travel or not. picard WAS dead though, and when q did take him back he looked the same to his friends and stuff but not to q and himself. but when he did make the change and lived on with a real heart he got the shitty job and wasn't captain. as i said episodes with q are hard to determine WHAT the hell is going on.

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